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The Lights of Christmas:

Advent 2022

November 27: First Week of Advent (John 1.1-12)

December 4: Second Week of Advent (Isaiah 11.1-10)

                       Community Tree Lighting (3607 Dempsey Rd., 6.00p)

December 11: Third Week of Advent (Isaiah 35.1-10)

December 18: Fourth Week of Advent (Luke 1.46-55)

                         Children's Christmas Program during the service

December 24: Christmas Eve (Luke 2.1-20)

                          Fire Pit Service (outdoors, 6.00p)

                          Candlelight Service (sanctuary, 7.30p)

December 25: Christmas Day (Titus 3.4-7)

                         Christmas "Fika" Gathering (8-9.00a)

                         Christmas "Julotta" Service (9-9.30a)

Join with us on Sunday mornings at 10.30am

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