Please contact Cody Thomas for information about Youth House hours by clicking here.

Faithcov. youth house

The Youth House sits at the edge of the FaithCov. property next to the large field and tire swing. The Youth House is a huge part of how we connect with, and build into the lives of our students and community.

In normal (non-pandemic) times the Youth House is open during the week throughout the school year (September - April), and also during June & July for the summer. It is set up much like a cafe with drinks and snacks (most snacks are available at no cost), comfy chairs and tables to play games or catch up on homework. We've got video games, outdoor sports, and leaders who love hanging out with middle and high school students.

Students don't have to be from the neighborhood or church to come hangout at the Youth House. Our doors are open to any 6-12th graders who just want a fun, relaxed place to go after school or to chill with friends.

The Youth House is a safe, positive place and is supervised by our adult Youth Leaders. It's a place where we get to bless and build friendships with the youth in our community.

Parents are welcome to stop by the Youth House any time to meet our Youth Leaders and check things out.

If you'd like to meet or talk with our Youth Program Director, Cody Thomas you can email him at