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  • elexio online

    Login using a computer


    1. You must have an active email on file in the church database.  Your username when connecting to Elexio is your email address. To make sure your email is up-to-date, contact Terry Lynn Mathias. 
    2. Once you confirm your email is on file, click here to access Elexio's login page.
    3. Enter the email as your username and click 'Forgot Password.' The system will email you instructions on how to "reset" your password (which is actually just for you to set up your password initially).


    1. Connect to the Elexio login page here.
    2. Enter your email address as your 'username'.
    3. Enter your password. (If you have forgotten your password simply click the 'Forgot Password' button and follow the steps to reset it.)

    If you have trouble setting up an account or logging back into your account at any time, please email Terry Lynn Mathias here.

  • elexio mobile app

    Download the free Elexio app at the Google Play or iTunes Store.

    LOG IN

    1. First, ensure that you have an online Elexio account set up. (See the top of this page for instructions on how to do that.)
    2. Once you've downloaded the app, open it up and replace 'domain' with FaithCov.        (It will look like FaithCov.elexioshms.com on the mobile screen.)
    3. Enter the your 'username' (email) and password.

    If you have problems downloading the app or logging into your account, please email Terry Lynn Mathias here.