Learning and growing together.

sunday morning adult discipleship groups

Sundays at FaithCov., 9:15am

At FaithCov, the centrality of the Word of God is one of our Healthy Missional Markers, 

as well as one of our Core Values. All of our values come from what we discern from the Word of God. 

Throughout the year, we offer several Bible Study groups geared toward helping adults learn more about God and deepen their faith.

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  • book of luke

    October 28, 2018-April 14, 2019

    "For the Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost."

    Luke is an orderly collection of Jesus' teachings and deeds from His birth to His resurrection, as stated in Luke 1. 1-4. Acts, also written by Luke, is the sequel and is an orderly account of the 'adventures' of the Apostles. Both Luke and Acts are almost like a novel, going from one scene to another, in what may be chronological order.

    Luke 19.10 says, "For the Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost." For 24 weeks, let's find out about Jesus, who came to seek and save you!

    This study meets in the Fellowship Hall at FaithCov from 9.15-10.15a, during our Discipleship Hour.

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  • book of daniel

    October 28, 2018-January 28, 2019

    "...and there before me was one like a son of man, coming with the clouds of heaven."

    Daniel is an amazing story of a Jewish man exiled to Babylon as a young man and remaining there while 70 years of captivity were being completed for Israel.

    One like the Son of Man, and also Gabriel, spoke to Daniel, who foretold amazingly accurate prophesies that are now past to us. Since we have seen his past prophesies fulfilled, we can trust his prophesies future to us will be fulfilled as well. Jesus Himself confirms the prophet Daniel in Matthew chapter 24.

    Together, let's learn more about this prophet of ancient Israel, and what his visions and prophesies mean for us today.

    This study meets in the Prayer Room at FaithCov from 9.15-10.15a during our Discipleship Hour.

    For more information about this study, or any questions, please click here.