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sunday morning adult discipleship groups

Sundays at FaithCov, 9:15am

At FaithCov, the centrality of the Word of God is one of our Healthy Missional Markers, 

as well as one of our Core Values. All of our values come from what we discern from the Word of God. 

Throughout the year, we offer several Bible Study groups geared toward helping adults learn more about God and deepen their faith.

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  • God's Creation

    THIS STUDY WILL COVER: God's Creation, and will start on July 11, 2021 and run for 8 weeks

    Study Description

    the first verse of the Bible truly states, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." the Bible goes on the tell us that God created plants, animals, man and woman; and that it was good. Unfortunately, man and woman sinned. God rightly judged sin by creating a world-wide flood, but saving eight people, and animals.

    He created a plan to save sinners.

    This study will seek to  understand God's creation in the past, His creation in its current form, and what it will look like in the future. We will see how God created you in the womb, gave you new birth through Jesus, and  will create a new body for you in the future. God did all this for you!

    Study guides are available by clicking the icon to the left, or in the Welcome Center. You may attend this study either live, or (if you prefer), on Zoom via the link below.

    Instructions to join the group online via Zoom

    Simply click on the link below to access Zoom every Sunday at 9:15am for the Psalms Part 2 Sunday Discipleship Group for adults (note: you will have to download Zoom, but will NOT need to create an account):

    Meeting ID: 824 6306 6101

    Password: 091484

    Once you've joined the meeting, make sure that you are in video mode and that your computer microphone is on, then add your name so that you are identifiable in the group.

    For questions or concerns about the Sunday Discipleship Group, contact Bob Berry at:

    Text: (614) 306-6590