Covenant House



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Covenant House

Friends Indeed Ministry and Faith Covenant Church in Westerville Ohio, through Friends Ministry, provide a Christian setting where formerly incarcerated men can live together in harmony. Our mission is to offer  the hand and heart of true friendship as men transition back into freedom, to increase hope and to encourage righteous living through the word of God in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

We strive to provide a safe place for residents to establish a new life in Christ surrounded by caring and encouraging people. We assist men in becoming part of a Christian community, in finding gainful employment, in developing their Christian character and in becoming faithful servants of God.

Men can stay at Covenant House for up to six months rent-free, where they are expected to live within boundaries that are established to protect the group's well-being. Men must be willing to set aside their individual interests for the benefit of the group, and we ask all to abide by the teachings of Christ. This manual sets forth general policies, guidelines and acknowledgments for those living at Covenant House.