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Holy, Holy, Holy:

Encountering God in the Psalms

Feb-March 2019

A television commercial for a Detroit based car company featured am robed African-American choir singing and swaying in a light falling snow as a sleek new sedan sped past them. 


Someone must have thought hat using the mazing sacred energy of a church choir to sell cars was a good idea. Theologically, maybe we should wince at this  rough commercialization of that which should be reserved for God. Yet, our culture seems to be leaning far away from God's holiness. Therefore, it is helpful for us to be reminded that God is Holy...and that God is to be worshiped.

Holy, Holy, Holy is a preaching series that lifts up images of God from several Psalms, reminding us that God is the:

February 24:

Righteous  Sovereign (Psalm 103)

March 3:

Amazing Creator (Psalm 65)

March 10:

Wise Judge (Psalm 75)

March 17:

Merciful Lord (Psalm 86)

March 24:

Redeeming Forgiver (Psalm 51)

We are invited to lean into this new series with open hearts and receptive minds as the Word of God sings into our spirits, 'Holy, Holy, Holy.'

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