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Get Real

Often in the days after Easter, we may think to ourselves, "Is this really true?" We are not the first people to ask these questions, and God is not afraid of our asking either. During this series, we will look at the books of Luke and Acts to see what the Bible has to say about some of the burning questions that we may have about the Christian journey. Join with us as we ask and find answers to some of the most difficult questions that we may have.

April 24: Jesus is Really Alive? (Luke 24.13-35)

May 1: Guest Preacher--GLC Superintendent Garth McGrath

May 8: Transformation Really is Possible (Acts 9.1-19)

May 15: Forgiveness is Really Given (Acts 10. 34-48)

May 22: Truth is Undeniably Real (Acts 14. 8-20)

                 **Confirmation Sunday**

May 29: Joy is Real (Acts 16. 16-40)

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